AudioVisual Live performance / Sound art / expiremetal sound, Duration 30 mins 
Tuba: HUANG Jing-Kai

《靈魂的副翼:呼吸》 作品聚焦於呼吸和聲音創作之間的共鳴。呼吸是人體少數可以在意識控制下進行,同時也可以在無意識中進行的功能之一。藝術家將意識與無意識地呼吸在聲音的介入後,會如何被擾動與變化,從提問轉變為一個觀察的對象。這個創作探索「氣」在吹奏樂器中的性質與交換狀態,以及如何與電子聲響相互聯繫的關係。

Aileron of Soul: Exhalation isfocuses on the resonance between breathing and creation of sounds. Breathing is among the few body functions that can be controlled consciously or performed unconsciously. By turning the question about how acoustic interventions disturb and alter conscious and unconscious breathing into a subject of observation, the artist explores the nature and exchange of "breath" in playing a wind instrument and their possible connections to electronic sounds.

In a form of audiovisual art, the live performance of Aileron of Soul: Exhalation combines a brass instrument with electronic sounds and images generated in real time, along with sounds sampled on-site and designed spatial audio content.

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Photo credit by 三月影像,臺灣當代文化實驗場C-LAB提供

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