Ping Sheng Wu is a new media artist born in Taiwan in 1990. He holds a master degree in Sound and Media from Bath Spa University in the UK, and his creations include computer music, audio-visual performances, and new media installations.

Ping Sheng was part of a team that won the first prize in the Digital Art Performance Awards and was invited to perform in Barcelona, Spain, as well as to serve as the sound designer for the National Theater and Concert Hall's annual production. In recent years, Ping Sheng has been selected for a residency in New York and invited to produce work at the French sound experimentation center IRCAM and the sound experimentation laboratory EMPAC in New York. He was also selected for the C-LAB Creators project and served as the sound designer for the opening of the outdoor audiovisual performance at the National Taichung Theater. In reason year, his sound design work for a contemporary dance group had be presented at the Miami Beach Art Fair in Basel.

2018 - 2022, Music Supervisor
2017 MA, Bath Spa University, Creative Sound and Media Technology
2012 BFATaipei National University of the Arts

Live Performance
FUTURE VISION LAB - Live performance, Hualien, TW
Taiwan International Light Art Festival - Scenery of Dataflow. Live performance, Taichung, TW

Wandering 2022, C-lab, Taipei, TW
Yuejin Lantern Festival: Live performance, Tainan, TW
Fluid Noise x Lacing Sound Fest: DiffuSound Vol.2, Digital Art Center, Taipei, TW
Taoyuan Art x Technology Festival: Opening performance, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Lacking Sound Fest - The Broadcasting Place of Sound., National Radio Museum, Chiayi, TW
NTT-FUN Lights On, Sound Aloud!, National Taichung Theater, Taichung, TW
Good Vibration #3, C-lab, Taipei, TW

Dream Place, Closing Concert, NTU Center for the Arts, Taipei, TW
Nuit Blanche Taipei, O-Bank, Taipei, TW
CT::SWaM ExChange 005::, Fridman Gallery Media Room, Fridman Gallery, NYC, US

Xero Xerco: I'll Be Your Mirror, B1 space, Taipei, TW
2018. 04 F. Noise 04, Little Play, Taichung, TW
2018. 01 Dynamical System, Korner, Taipei, TW

Electric Indigo, National Theater & Concert Hall, TW
Unconditional Love and Fact, National Theater Hall, TW
Transonic - Barcelona pre - Sónar performance, Hiroshima, Spain Catalonia
Spectacular Atrophy | Ping Sheng Wu Audiovisual, Red Room (TAF), Taipei, TW

Improvisation Jam at Polymer Space, Polymer, TW
Lacking Sound Fest. Listen 80, Nan-Hai Gallery, Taipei, TW
"Sound x Beat”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, TW
Lacking Sound Fest. Listen 55, Nan-Hai Gallery, Taipei, TW

Summer Move– Interdisciplinary Innovation on Performing Arts, Taipei International Art Village, Taipei, TW
Lacking Sound Fest. Listen 51, Nan-Hai Gallery, Taipei, TW
“Via Yilan” performance art festival, Yilan, TW
ATT live house, Kaohsiung, TW

“KUANDU ARTS FESTIVAL” Opening Concert, TNUA, Taipei, TW
Lacking Sound Festival 34, Nan-Hai Gallery, Taipei, TW

Selected Exhibitions
Taiwan International Light Art Festival - Scenery of Dataflow, Taichung, TW
DiffuSound Vol.2-NFT online exhibitions, Akaswap
FUTURE VISION LAB: On Earth Series: DOME, National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts,  Kaohsiung, TW
Taiwan Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung: Hamasen Light mission, Kaohsiung, TW

Sound playground, Taiwan Sound Lab, Taipei, TT
Taoyuan Art x Technology Festival 2020, , Taoyuan, TW
Taiwan Biennial, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, TW

AIR open to you 할ก駐으, Openspace Bae, Busan, South Korea
Evolution of Paper, Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park, Yilan, TW

Digital Art Festival Taipei 2017, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, TW
The Song Yan Creative Lab, "Third Space”,Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, TW Lab
“Art and Creative Expo Taiwan” Dali Art Court., Taichung, TW

“Taiwan Digital performance arts 2016” Advantech Co., Taoyuan, TW
“Outstanding New Media Art Award Exhibition” Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, TW
“Ecosystem” The 9th Digital Art Festival Taipei, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Taipei, TW

Selected Sound Design Projects
“La Prairie: Wen-Chi Su ad Art Basel Miami” Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami, US
Black Hole Museum + Body Browser., C-LAB Sound Festival, Taiwan Sound Lab, Taipei, TW
Chance Change Challenge: Lin Yi-Chi x《微亮》, National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei, TW

The Scenery of Little Light, NNT-TIFA National Taichung Theater, Taichung, TW
Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020, Taichung, TW

Lighting in Process—WAVE∞ Lab, National Taichung Theater, Taichung, TW
Unconditional Love and Fact, National Theater & Concert Hall, Taipei, TW

Lectures & Presentations
Artist Lecture:  Sound, Lights, Installations and Creative Coding. Creative Coding Taiwan, Taipei, TW
Sound Technology and Art Lecture: Listening and Communication of Sound., National Taiwan College of Performing Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

Artist Lecture: Omnivorous sound. Cross-School Professional Learning Community for Teachers' Workshop, Kaohsiung

MAX / MSP AudioVisual workshop, Center for the Arts Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, TW
Youzhu Studio x TUNA Lecture Hall "Public Nature of Art Residency" Forum Series.
National Taiwan University of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan

Lecture and Exhibition, "Body and Matter" Science/Performance Workshop., TNUA, Taipei, TW

Awards & Residencies
2019 Artist in Residence, Triangle Arts Association, Brooklyn, NY
2018 Artist in Residence, Openspace Bae, Busan, South Korea
2015 The First Prize of the 6th Digital Art Performance Awards
Outstanding New Media Art Award
2014 The 9th Digital Art Awards Taipei (Nominated)

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