Sound Installation

Through the medium of sound, we gain insight into the nuances of spatial relationships. Sound transcends its role as a mere conduit for information, emerging as a pivotal means to discern the interplay of space. This artwork invites the audience to engage with this concept, exploring how sound's position in space can be perceived and transformed, thereby facilitating a unique auditory experience and fostering a profound connection with the surrounding milieu.

'Where' utilises rice paper as the foundational element of its sonic installation, placed within the space with an exploratory ethos. Listeners are privy to the auditory sensation of the paper's vibrations. This experience, through a reimagined auditory journey, deepens their engagement with the evoked imaginings or resonates with latent memories.

The installation, with its deliberate and gradual alteration of orientation, navigates the dichotomy of left and right, motion and stasis, enabling spectators to ascertain their locus within the space. The reverberations within this realm serve as an unvarnished portrayal of sound's interplay with space, as the installation adroitly constructs and deconstructs the nexus between the sonic environment and individual auditory perception, seamlessly interweaving them.




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