Sound Installation

Through sound, we can perceive space. Sound is not only a medium for transmitting messages, but also a way for us to perceive spatial relationships. In this work, by recognizing and transforming the location of sound in space, the audience can experience different sound effects and feel the relationship between themselves and space.

"Where" uses rice paper as the basis for a sound installation and is positioned in space with an exploratory attitude. The audience can hear the sound of the paper vibrating, and through reconstructing the auditory experience, they can more deeply experience the imagination extended by hearing, or evoke a comparison in memory.

Through the slow transformation of the mechanism of the installation, between left and right, movement and stillness, the audience can better determine their own position. The reverberation in space is the most straightforward description of sound in space, and the installation continuously assembles and disassembles the relationship between sound space and individual auditory experience.

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