Sound Installation
acrylic, rise paper, iron structure, drivers, copper pillars, amplifier module, Mac mini, audio interface, DC power supply.

For thousands of years, paper has been a medium to document human history and civilization. Its invention was a huge technological leap that allowed us to keep our memories alive. However, with the emergence of new media, our knowledge structure has expanded to the margins of the universe. This expansion has resulted in the neglect of significant pieces of information that we fail to digest in a timely manner.

Nowadays, our eyes are glued to various screens that offer us a multitude of messages that we enjoy in our daily lives. This rapid flow of information can lead to superficial thinking, and we may not realize the emptiness and shallowness of our thinking until the effects of this stimulus wear off.

When we continue to look at paper, we may gradually lose our focus and become alienated from its elegance and historicity as a carrier of human civilization. To challenge the dominance of vision, I attempt to transform media into a kind of materiality by using physical vibrations. Through the sound field created by the installation, I blend the memories of real-life experiences into the work. I hope this installation, combined with the delicate and translucent texture of paper, will have an alternative resonance for the viewers.

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