AudioVisual Live performance / 5G Live-streaming
Ping Sheng Wu and Iury Lech

"Quantum of Time Inside Light" is an AudioVisual work created for immersive spatial experience, located in the U108 special exhibition space of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. The work consists of a 14-meter diameter ground projection and a 360° circular projection space, along with spatial audio design, creating an infinite space-like experience for participants.

The artist employs principles of quantum mechanics from physics to elucidate the behavior and characteristics of time in the universe. By depicting the uncertainty and non-linear states of time through the behavior and changes of light, the work combines the characteristics of particle motion with the concept of time to create visual elements that correspond to time expansion, compression, and extension. In addition, the spatial audio design allows for more possibilities in listening angles, enabling the audience to perceive subtle changes in time and explore the expansion of sensory dimensions through visual and auditory experiences.

The work focuses on the nature of time and its impact on human perception. By creating a multi-dimensional space that challenges linear concepts, the artist invites the audience to contemplate how time affects their understanding of reality. By extending through sound and vision in space, the audience is invited to experience time in a more dynamic and sensory way, enveloped in a sensory audiovisual experience that unfolds like branches, expanding beyond the constraints of linear time frameworks.

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