AudioVisual Live performance / Sound art

"Folding Harmonies" is an AudioVisual work created for immersive spatial experience. Drawing from quantum mechanics, it explores time's nature in the universe, illustrating the fluctuating behaviors of light to portray time as a flexible entity. A thematic continuation of a 2022 generative art piece, it employs light, shadow, and waveform undulations to depict time's expansion, compression, and extension, offering viewers a vibrant, multi-dimensional sensory exploration, challenging conventional perceptions of reality and linear time.

It investigates the intricate relationship between sound, light, and space, evoking a shared consciousness among its audience. Born from the ethos of generative art, this work deeply explores the connections between auditory and visual experiences.

Crafted with complex coding, 'Folding Harmonies' represents a shift in digital artistry. More than just two hundred variations archived on the blockchain, it is an evolving, dynamic entity. Each visual piece, rendered with client-side computing, brings a pixelated world to life, with each pixel distinctively contributing to the narrative of light and sound.

The artist reimagines these pixel arrangements, endowing each with unique movement and speed, allowing viewers to see how these details merge into cohesive imagery. This approach transforms rigid algorithmic formulas into an artistic and poetic experience, revealing the essence of 'Folding Harmonies'.

On an architectural scale, the work fully engages the senses, moving from two-dimensional logic to a three-dimensional experience through layered light and sound. 'Folding Harmonies' offers a unique perspective, inviting viewers to interpret the sounds they see and to listen to the visual echoes imprinted on their minds.

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