AudioVisual / Dome experience 


這是一件專為著Dome呈現格式製作的AudioVisual作品。希望透過空間音訊與半球狀投影幕的特殊性,來安排影像敘事,作品著重於聲音與影像的連動性,並透過空間音訊的動態調度,解離出非同平面影像的觀覽狀態。《靈魂的副翼:穹丘》 是對於人工智慧作為一種工具的假設提問出發,所延伸的視覺刺激與探索。它提供了一種非人類視覺的組構方式,將關鍵字嵌入影像與聲響中。作品試圖從建築學、地質學與天文學等面向切入,從人工智慧所產出的視覺架構,探討AI視覺所描述的人類知識樣貌,並突顯非人類視覺認知的違和感。藉此提問人工智慧的影像產出,是引領人類靈魂突破現有認知引導的副翼,還是主導著一張張隱藏著等價交換的契約,而我們並不知道實際上背負的交換內容。

This is an AudioVisual piece by Ping Sheng WU, specifically produced in the Dome format. It seeks to arrange the narrative through spatial audio and the uniqueness of a hemispherical projection screen, focusing on the interaction between sound and image. The work uses dynamic spatial audio to create a viewing experience beyond a flat plane.
'Aileron of Soul: DOMOUND' is a visual exploration starting from the hypothesis of artificial intelligence as a tool. It provides a perspective different from human vision, embedding keywords in images and sound. The piece approaches from fields like architecture, geology, and astronomy, exploring human knowledge as depicted by AI's visual structures. It questions whether AI's visual output is an auxiliary wing leading human cognition or a dominant force in a concealed exchange, the real burden of which is unknown.

Photo Credit: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab; photographer:  LIN Hsuan-Lang

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